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Residential property managers need to know the job will be completed in a time and cost-efficient manner.


We have extensive experience in commercial building, including corporate, retail, and restaurant spaces. 

Repairs and Home Improvement

  • Recostruction of interior and exteriors.
  • Complete roofing services.

Design – Build 

We hold single-source responsibility and contractual risk for every aspect of the project from estimation, assessments and pre-construction to architecture, schematics, engineering, subcontracting, construction and post-construction. 

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Consulting / Construction management consulting

The game changer of today’s construction industry.

We are on your side! Let’s work together! Let’s work with your contractors or available contractors in the market and let’s get the best numbers possible.
Let’s make it smooth, smart, functional, cost effective and beautiful!
Execute your home project the most cost effective way possible in the market!
Eliminate the stress, the doubts, the wonderings and the wrong decisions!

In Florida Global Contractors LLC 🏙 we have developed construction management consulting programs for investors and specially for home owners that are looking to shrink the costs of their own home projects while taking advantage of the best market prices in real time. Developed for clients that aim for the best advice, constant communication and guidance on the right direction to execute and complete their projects in the most successful and cost effective way above all.
In the highly sophisticated construction industry⚒️ of today:

  • Ease your worries
  • Ease your concerns of dealing with contractors and middle men
  • Save Money, thousands of dollars
  • Lets execute cost-effective solutions
  • Demand quality work from your contractors
  • Pay only for what is needed
  • Get the best materials possible for the best prices

In this innovatory world of technology👨🏽‍💻and indispensable tools of communication we aim to change the game for our clients. A small investment within your home project budget that will save you money, time, stress, and from the wrong decisions.

Let’s stand out your project

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